Wedding Gown Services

Four Seasons Cleaners offers you a range of wedding gown services to help preserve your memories of the past, as well as to keep your garment safe and in good condition for future generations. From expert tailoring and alterations before your wedding, to restoring that precious family heirloom gown so you can continue the tradition, to hand cleaning to preserve the fine details and beading and finally expert gown preservation to ensure that the next generation can experience the beauty of your wedding gown.

Four Seasons Cleaners’ convenient E. Main Street location, in Ventura, has a dedicated specializes Wedding Gown specialist, on site, to help you with all of these services, and more. To arrange a convenient appointment with our Wedding Gown Specialist, fill out the form on the right, or call toll free 1-866-372-4696. Mention our website and receive $25 off your wedding gown preservation.

To ensure you museum-quality preservation with the highest standards of professionalism and attention to detail.

Pressing and Delivery to your local venue

Four Seasons Cleaners can press and deliver your wedding gown right to your ceremony location anywhere in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. If you’re having a destination wedding in our area, you can ship us your gown and we’ll ensure that it arrives, in beautifully cleaned and pressed condition, ready for your big moment.

We can even send you a special box to ship the dress to us, or you can use your own box. For more information about our delivery services, call us at 866-372-4696.

Professional Tailoring

Four Seasons Cleaners’ expert tailoring staff is on hand, before your wedding, to make any alterations necessary for your wedding gown. We can replace buttons, zippers and corsets, and raise or lower hems and work with you to ensure you’re looking the absolute best on your wedding day. Call or fill out the short form to the right to make an appointment with our expert tailors and see just how well your wedding gown can fit you, call 866-372-4696.

Bridal Party Attire Services

While you, the bride, are certainly the center of attention on your wedding day, Four Seasons Cleaners is here to ensure that everyone in your bridal party is looking great. From alterations, cleaning and pressing, before your wedding, to on-site services at your wedding, to cleaning and preservation after your wedding, Four Seasons Cleaners has you covered.

Need same-day service for your out-of-town bridal party and guests? Four Seasons Cleaners offers you same-day cleaning and pressing Monday-Saturday, in by 9am, out by 5pm at no extra charge. For more information about our Bridal Party services, call us at 866-372-4696.

Heirloom Gowns

If you’re one of the many brides who have the honor of wearing an heirloom wedding gown on your special day, you know that often, these gowns may need special attention and color restoration before your wedding.

Four Seasons Cleaners will help you to continue the tradition by treating your wedding gown with a special hand cleaning process that uses an environmentally friendly solution to prevent damage. We can restore most heirloom gowns to their original condition, even if they have been poorly preserved, if they were preserved at all. The beautiful beads and other embellishments will be repaired, where needed, and the seams can be reinforced. If you’re outside our area, you can always ship us your gown, in a box we send you, or your own box, and we will provide the same great care and ship it back to you.

Call to make an appointment with our Heirloom Wedding Gown Specialist and see what we can do for you, 866-372-4696.

Hand Cleaning

Four Seasons Cleaners hand treats and cleans yours and each wedding gown individually. We take every precaution to protect the delicate beads, embroidery, and lace you so carefully selected. Our years of expertise ensure that no matter what mishaps may occur, we’re here to bring your gown back to its original beauty.

If you’re outside our area, you can always ship us your gown, in a box we send you, or your own box, and we will provide the same great care and ship it back to you. Call us to make an appointment with our expert Wedding Gown Cleaners, and let us know how we can help you, 866-372-4696.

Stain Removal

Hard as you try to keep your gown looking great, during the wedding day, your gown may be accidentally stained by soda, sugar, perspiration and other body oils. These stains often dry clear and cannot be seen until hours, or even days after your wedding. Due to the delicate nature of your wedding gown, these unfortunate stains cannot be removed by regular dry cleaning processes. That would deteriorate the beautiful fabrics and cause discoloration if left untreated. Four Seasons Cleaners’ wedding gown stain removal experts use a unique anti-sugar stain treatment to ensure that these stains – seen or unseen – are removed.

Four Seasons Cleaners offers you a lifetime International Gown Preservation Guarantee with MuseumCare™ gown preservation.

Your written international gown preservation guarantee is backed by members of the Association of Certified Wedding Gown Specialists™, located in more than 500 cities around the world. Return your family or wedding gown to any participating Certified Wedding Gown Specialist™, who will clean, inspect and press your family or wedding gown at no charge. If you’re outside our area, you can always ship us your gown, in a box we send you, or your own box, and we will provide the same great care and ship it back to you.

Call us to make an appointment with our expert Wedding Stain Removal Specialist, and we’ll show you how we can make your wedding gown stains disappear, 866-372-4696.


Your wedding day is over, the memories are fresh and now it’s time to preserve your wedding gown for generations to come. Once your wedding gown has been thoroughly cleaned and restored, the final process of preservation may begin. Four Seasons Cleaners will place your gown in a premium quality box to protect it during storage. The specially-designed acid-free box, with acid-free tissue and muslin will prevent your wedding gown from shifting when stored in any position.

If you prefer to hang your wedding gown, we can also provide you with a Tyvek garment bag to protect your gown. Please note that hanging your wedding gown can, over time, put additional stress on the fabric.

Environmentally conscious preservation

Our wedding gown preservations are also endorsed by the Association of Bridal Consultants, PLUS a donation goes to to support reforestation projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions. If you’re outside our area, you can always ship us your gown, in a box we send you, or your own box, and we will provide the same great care and ship it back to you.

Special Offer: Schedule your consultation appointment today and receive $25 off Wedding Gown Preservation! Call us to make your appointment at 866-372-4696.


Here are some tips from the experts at Four Seasons Cleaners to help keep your wedding gown looking as beautiful as it did on your special day. We hope you choose Four Seasons Cleaners to clean and preserve your gown, however, these tips will help you regardless of whom you choose. If you have any questions about any of these tips, call us to speak to our Wedding Gown Specialist, 866-372-4696.

  • Ensure that you get a written guarantee from your chosen cleaner that invisible stains, such as perspiration, sugar and champagne will be completely removed.
  • Never sign anything that limits a cleaner’s liability from damage to your gown. A reputable company should be responsible for any damage to your gown while it’s in their care.
  • Ask to inspect your wedding gown personally before it’s put into the container, which should be a completely acid-free, museum-quality archival wedding box lined with fabric or acid-free tissue.
  • Plastic can discolor your gown and encourages mildew. Use only acid-free boxes or bags to store your gown. Make sure that you periodically remove it from its storage box to air it out.
  • Do not store your bridal gown in the attic or basement where there are extreme changes in temperature or humidity.

For more information about our Wedding Gown Preservation Services, please contact us or stop in.