Linen Services




Four Season’s Linen was a start up business that was formerly registered in 2001. The business was initiated by an ambitious entrepreneur, Scott Shah and Sonny Shah They intend to specialize in the provision of healthcare laundry services. The company will encompass all healthcare laundry and value-based activities, namely full-service laundry processing for small to medium sized hospitals. The company shall remain focused on providing laundry solutions to the Southern California Market.


The founding members of Four Season’s have been working in the healthcare laundry industry for over 20 years and have noted gaps in the market. The business will not copy what the others are doing but will offer its services in a unique and professional manner.


Four Season’s will target the acute care hospital segment. The company will offer its services to hospital-based entities. These will encompass acute care hospitals and clinics. Key factors such as available capacity, growth potential, and risk
associated with the market segment were taken into consideration prior to targeting this segment.


Competition in the healthcare laundry industry reveals a extremely low laundry capacity, most notably in the Ventura/Santa Barbara service sectors. The location and lack of available capacity in the market is another key factor to consider. The business will face both direct and indirect competition. To combat competition, Four Season’s will endeavor to have a better understanding of the needs of the market – this will essentially supersede the competitors understanding of the market. Four Season’s will strive to deliver its services as per the needs and preferences of the target market.


The primary owner of the business are Scott Shah and Sonny Shah. The managing members have employed a finance and administrative support, along with key operational laundry consultants to facilitate the implementation of its business model.