Four Seasons Cleaners

Four Seasons Cleaners started its business back in 1987. It moved to its current location in 2002. Four Seasons Cleaners has always been a symbol of quality in Southern California market.

Four Seasons believes that the more you automate the day to day drudgery of repeated movements, the more you will succeed. Let automation do the tedious work and put skilled associates to the final touches.

Hi-Tech Meets Skilled Workers – Employee training is extremely important. It benefits the business as well as its clients because it improves quality. Training ensures on-time deliveries and minimizes mistakes. One of Four Season’s unique equipment is the Metalprogetti Assembly System. This sophisticated system sorts, assembles & puts poly film on every garment flawlessly. This new technology allows us to reassign team members to more challenging roles as in quality control because some aspects of the business still requires human intervention – like checking for missing buttons. (Let’s face it, there is no technology that checks for loose or broken buttons).

From our commitment to quality in garment care, to the standards by which we treat our employees, decorate our premises, and produce our communication materials — it all reflects a foundational commitment to quality in everything we do. And people notice.