Cubical Drape Solutions

Cubical Drape Solutions

Concerned that your curtains are not cleaned often enough?

Infection control is a challenge all hospitals face, and extensive tactics are implemented every year to minimize healthcare-associated infection (HAI). Privacy curtains are infamous for being often touched by a multitude of people, and yet there is still no regulation for how often they should be cleaned. Medical providers should proactively assess infection prevention options for their hospital cubicle curtains and linen before an incident happens.

A Safe, Effective Strategy

Our Cubicle Solutions Curtain Management Program provides a safe, effective laundering strategy that reduces your risk of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) and cross-contamination.

We Enhance Your Infection Control Process By:

  • Providing a weekly or multi-week cleaning service of a facility’s cubicle curtains.
  • Curtains are cleaned using BBP process and SOPs to improve patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores.
  • Providing tracking and reporting of cleaning history with our bar-coding system helping with the overall management of curtains, including loss, organization, and regular change out process.
  • Keeping you compliant with Joint Commission standards by establishing a laundering schedule for all isolation and non-isolation rooms.
  • Management and terminal cleaning of cubicle curtains that exceed infection prevention standards
  • Improved safety for patients and with specially designed curtains easily changed in minutes without a ladder or special tools

Custom Solutions

As a focus of hospital-acquired infection reduction programs, there is more emphasis being placed on cleaning curtains regularly. The team at Four Seasons Healthcare Laundry Specialists offers real and immediate solutions for your facility.

​Cleaning Program

In need of reliable and regular curtain cleaning?

  • Our processes eliminate dryer wear, the leading cause of damage.
  • Cost effective service with rapid turnaround time.
  • Create a routine cleaning program based on your schedule.
  • When we deliver and rehang the curtain, we will affix a three months’ time sensitive sticker (See picture) nearby to alert the hospital to send the curtains back for cleaning and sanitizing.

​Temporary Replacement Program

In need of curtains while your curtains are being cleaned?

  • Attractive, neutral in color to match any room’s decor
  • Curtains available in both 8 and 9 lengths
  • Our universal snap together panels fit any sized track

​Contact Four Seasons about Hospital Privacy Curtain Cleaning

Establishing a laundering program for your privacy curtains will help you increase your infection prevention efforts. Look for a partner that can give you a comprehensive program from product, laundering, delivery/pick up, and documentation while working within your budget. If you are interested in learning more about laundry program, Contact Four Seasons at (805) 223-0830.