Leather & Suede Cleaning

Because leather is an expensive investment, proper care is essential to maintaining leather products. Having it cleaned by a specialist will help make it last longer. In general leather cleaning is recommended every three years or when you spill something on it. Addressing spills in a timely manner is important because age makes it harder to remove spots and stains. And even when it looks clean, the skins probably have dirt particles in them.

When we receive your garment for cleaning, we first do a thorough inspection to determine its condition for cleaning and repairs. This includes determining the type of leather, the composition and makeup of a spot or stain and any visible damage to the garment. There are many different kinds of leather and what works well on some leathers do not necessarily work well on others.

Spots and stains are then treated by hand using a wide range of spotting agents and techniques. The choice of cleaning agents and technique is determined by the type of stain and the type of leather. Stains such as ink, grease, food, beverage, soil, paint, blood, rust, mold and mildew are treated differently. A 100% removal of any stain cannot be guaranteed but over the years we have found much success in treating even the most stubborn stains. We also make sure that stains are removed safely without noticeably altering the appearance of your garment.

Your garment then goes through advanced dry cleaning and wet cleaning to remove soils and impurities. At the same time, this process restores the natural oil and waxes that are essential to prolonging the garment’s longevity.

The garment is dried and a careful inspection is made after the cleaning process. It is then pressed, resized and reshaped using mild heat. Color restoration. If your garment needs re-coloring, we apply a pigment blended carefully to match the color of your garment and designed for the type of leather your garment is composed of.

If your leather garment needs repairs, our repair technicians are on hand to complete the repair in a timely manner. We repair cuts and tears on your garment, replace damaged zippers, replace or tighten buttons, repair damages to the leather skin, replace or repair worn damaged linings and other related services.

Your cleaned garment is then inspected again to ensure that our work is done with the highest quality possible.