Consumer Tips

Caring for your clothes doesn’t have to be an arduous task. In fact, there are simple and effective ways to keep your clothes smelling and looking fresh. Follow these tips, to see what you can do for your clothes before you drop them off at the dry cleaners.

Best Ways To Care For Your Clothes

Be careful with your beauty products, they can and will ruin your clothes.

All those things that make you look and smell good and keep you dry, are causing havoc on your clothes, especially those that are “Dry Clean Only.” Be careful when applying certain beauty products if possible. Make sure you go through all your pockets before dropping the clothes off. This isn’t only easier for the cleaner to deal with, but also for yourself. Things left in the pockets can and most likely will become damaged during the cleaning process and could cause you a major problem later. You wouldn’t want to have cosmetics, candy, gum, perfume or cologne ruin your clothes. Be sure to remove all valuables, that way they don’t risk getting lost or damaged while at the dry cleaners. Checking your pockets will take less than a minute, and just might save you the headache from a mishap occuring.

If you spill something on your clothes, no matter what it is, don’t try to clean it.

It is dry clean for a reason and no matter what commercial products or home stain remedies you try, it isn’t always guaranteed to work and could likely make matters worse. The best thing you can do is pack up and head to the cleaners. To help the situation, when you do drop your clothes off, be honest about what you spilled on them or how they got stained. The dry cleaners cannot treat a stain properly if they don’t know what it is, so be clear, descriptive and specific.

Over time, some colors or materials age differently, it is always best to bring in both pieces of a suit or outfit.

Even if you only wore the pants or the jacket part of it. You want both pieces to always go together, so they’ll need to age together. Having them cleaned together will ensure that for you.

When you pick your clothes up and take them home, make sure you take them out of the plastic bag.

Clothing is put into those bags to protect it until you get it home, not for storage. If you leave your suit in the bag, moisture can build up and get trapped inside, ruining everything.

You have to remember, that some stains are permanent and the cleaner is never going to be able to get then out.

This is especially true if you have ironed over a stain, deodorant streaks or oils have gotten on the clothing, even if you didn’t see them right away. The heat sets the stain and damages the material permanently.

Dry cleaning is a must for many people. Therefore…

If you want to keep suits and outfits looking new, there are things you can do to help preserve your clothing and to make the cleaners job easier. Keeping in mind these things before dropping your dry cleaning off can save you money and possibly ease your frustration from that new dress you spilled wine on last night.