Summer Day in Ca

It’s warm out, the sun is shining, and it’s a perfect day to be outside. Simply put, it’s ‘shorts weather’. Days like these don’t come along every day…oh, wait. They do in SoCal! It’s shorts weather every day. That means that your shorts see more use than they would in corners of the world that aren’t blessed with immaculate weather 365 days a year.
This uptick in use results in accelerated dirt accumulation and damage. There’s only one cure for the wear and tear your garments experience due to the endless SoCal summer…dry cleaning! While shorts are typically seen as more of a ‘casual’ garment, that doesn’t mean they don’t benefit from regular professional care. No garment lasts forever, but the professional dry cleaning services of Kona Cleaners can keep your shorts ready for summer weather for many more trips around the sun.
Dry Cleaners Orange: 821 W Taft Avenue, Orange, CA 92865 offers convenient and quality dry cleaning and shirt laundry services.

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Dry Cleaners Orange OF Kona Cleaners

Dry Cleaners Orange in Orange County doesn’t have to be harsh to be effective. Dry Cleaners Orange Of Kona Cleaners cleans to a higher standard. It helps protect the clothes we wash and the communities we live in, Kona Cleaners the Dry Cleaners in Orange County uses Green Earth Cleaning.

Dry Cleaners Orange cleans to a higher standard. It helps protect the clothes we wash and the communities we live in.

Why Dry Cleaners Orange?

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have real-time access to your dry cleaning information and get notified when your dry cleaning order is ready for pick up? Are you on our Home Delivery service but wish to pick your clothes up at the store for an even faster turnaround?

Download the latest mobile app from Kona Cleaners the Best Dry Cleaners Orange to track the processing of your orders, get notifications when your orders are ready for pickup, and view your account information, current specials, store locations, and more.

Did you know that Summer is National Ice Cream Month? We Kona Cleaners, The Dry cleaners Orange County highly recommend you celebrate with a scoop or three of your favorite ice cream. In fact, since it’s the middle of summer and the temperature is blazing hot, we suggest you cool down with an ice cream cone or bowl as often as possible! Of course, should you stain your favorite summer dress with an icy treat, you can trust Kona Cleaners to banish any blemishes. Enjoy all the ice cream you want, and let us handle your favorite garments. Let us know what your favorite ice cream flavor is!

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