Formal Wear

Evening Gowns

You deserve to look your best in your evening gown.
Evening gowns give a different dimension altogether to a modern woman’s personality. You can be assured that a properly cared for gown will make you look nothing less than beautiful.

These gowns come in extravagant colors made of different materials.
Kona Couture Cleaning can handle them all. After your special event, bring your gown in, we can clean it and preserve your memory.

Men’s Formal Wear

Consists of several basic, styling essentials including jacket, pants, shirt, tie and waistcoat (vest) or cummerbund.
However, knowing which version of these basics matches what occasion is important. The following formal wear etiquette guide will help you in choosing the perfect attire for your special day. Just match up your event (Semi-Formal vs. Formal), setting (Daytime vs. Evening) and style (Traditional vs. Contemporary) to find the perfect attire for your event.

Prom Dresses, Quinceneara Gowns and Sweet 16 Dresses

These dresses and gowns come in many shapes and sizes.
Kona Couture Cleaning will take care of them all. After your special celebration, bring in your formal dresses, we can clean them and preserve your memories.

Special Occasions
Whether it’s prom, a quinceneara or sweet sixteen, these are important celebrations for young ladies. If your dresses and gowns need alterations, cleaning or preservation, let Kona Cleaners help!