Dry Cleaners in Orange County

Dry Cleaners in Orange County

Dry Cleaners in Orange County can dry clean almost any garment you choose to have dry cleaned. Blouses, Suits, Dresses, Sweaters, and Coats are the most commonly dry cleaned items.
Dry Cleaners in Orange County cleans to a higher standard. It helps protect the clothes we wash and the communities we live in.

Dry Cleaners in Orange County of Kona Cleaners are green and we’re gentle, helping to make your clothing last longer. We hand-press your items, ensuring that the creases and fine details are carefully addressed.
It’s all in the details.

Do Dry Cleaners in Orange County provide Free Pick-up and Delivery?

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have real-time access to your dry cleaning information and get notified when your dry cleaning order is ready for pick up? Are you on our Home Delivery service but wish to pick your clothes up at the store for an even faster turnaround?
Download the latest mobile app from Dry Cleaners Orange County of Kona Cleaners to track the processing of your orders, get notifications when your orders are ready for pickup, and view your account information, current specials, store locations, and more.
Our Home Delivery Service brings advanced dry cleaning, rug cleaning, and laundry service right to your door – at no additional cost.

Here’s how Dry Cleaners Orange CA work:Dry Cleaners in Orange County

  • We will provide you with two Dry Cleaners Orange CA Garment bags with your account information on it.
  • We will set up your scheduled delivery days, either Monday – Thursday, or Tuesday – Friday, (Depending on where you live or work.)
  • We will come by your home or office on the scheduled days to pick up, and return the clean garments from the previous pick up.
  • If you do not have anything to send in that day, no worries, we will come back again on the next scheduled day.
  • We are in your neighborhood anyway.
  • We will automatically bill your credit card on file, so you don’t need to be home to pay for services!

What Dry Cleaners Orange County can do for you?

Kona Cleaners has years of garment care experience and Dry Cleaners in Orange County is committed to continuous improvement. Unlike our competitors, we not only provide a pickup and delivery service, but we also handle the entire cleaning process, allowing us to provide an unmatched level of care and quality.

At Kona Cleaners, communication with our customers is a top priority. Communicates with us via SMS, email, or our website’s live chat feature for a quick response.

Dry Cleaners Orange County CA of Kona Cleaners is the first Green dry cleaners in Orange CA.
Contact us:
Call us at 1.714.685.1900

Dry Cleaners in Orange CountyWe use the best technology to allow you to save time. The cleaning industry, in general, has not seen any customer-facing improvements for quite a while. However, technology is not only applied to allow our service to function, but we also utilize a new cleaning tech that provides a truly unmatched finished product.

Since 1950, Kona Cleaners has been serving Orange County California and leading designers and garment retailers across the city by providing the finest quality cleaning and preservation services.
With 17 Locations, we are a family-owned business that takes pride in our expertise. Dry Cleaners in Orange County of Kona Cleaners is constantly evolving in order to be unwaveringly excellent and environmentally responsible.

We offer a comprehensive array of exquisite services. For a detailed explanation of our services, we invite you to visit our Services page.

Spending time driving your garments to Kona Cleaners, even for the finest cleaning services in Orange County, might not be high on your priorities list.
That’s what Kona Cleaners’s Free Pickup & Delivery Service is all about: taking the hassle out of getting your finest garments cleaned and looking great.

Dry Cleaners in Orange CountyWe provide complimentary Pick-Up and Delivery service to and from your home or office, anywhere in Orange County. We mentioned that the service is free, right? This is the Art of Clean.

Careless handling is one of the most common causes of unnecessary damage to textiles. However, it is probably the easiest to prevent.

You can see the difference for yourself, Whites don’t yellow, fabrics stay soft and colors don’t fade, even with repeated cleanings.
Wools never get that “washed out” appearance either. With GreenEarth, there is NO SHRINKAGE. So clothes retain their correct size and shape!

Dry Cleaners Orange CA Wedding Gowns Services
It all starts with the dress! Kona Cleaners: The Dry Cleaners Orange County of CALIFORNIA Wedding Gown Specialists can take care of everything for you from the alterations, pressing before the wedding, to cleaning and preserving your gown after the bridal portraits!

Dry Cleaners in Orange CountyAs a Certified Couture specialist by Americas Best Cleaners, and over 60 years of cleaning experience, we are confident we can clean and care for your delicate wedding gown.
We also can take care of the bridesmaid’s dresses, flower girl’s dresses and the mother-of-the-brides dress.

You will never own anything more beautiful, more special, or more symbolic of the most precious day of your life.
Whether you choose a gown that is traditional or modern, elegant or simple, you should protect your investment and your memories with Tuchman Cleaners’ Heirlooming Service.
First, we inspect your gown, veil and any accessories for spots, tears or other problem areas requiring special attention. Next, we have our heir-looming specialist, who will process your gown using the gentlest formulas possible to clean, and expertly finish your gown. Then your gown and accessories are shaped and carefully packaged in our attractive heir-looming storage box for safekeeping.

Do Dry Cleaners in Orange County have Same Day Service? Dry Cleaners in Orange County

  • We offer convenient same day service at all of our Kona Cleaners locations, if brought in by 9am.
  • Drop off your clothes in the morning and pick them up before we close the same day.
  • In by 9am, ready by 5pm Monday through Saturday!

Specials from Dry Cleaners Orange County CA

Alterations & Repairs

We offer a range of alteration services. With over thirty years of experience, our seamstress provides quality alteration services leaving each piece looking like new. We handle can handle anything from simple mends to wedding gown alterations to custom drapery.

Need a simple alteration? Include a quick note in your bag of garments describing the alterations you need and we’ll handle it from there. Quick, and simple, exactly what you need.

Dry Cleaners in Orange County Coupons

Suede, Leather, and Fur

A lot can go wrong with improper leather or suede cleaning. Leather cleaning is a precise art and at Kona Cleaners with mastering the technique. In 30 years we’ve seen it all and it pains us to see all the damage caused by careless leather cleaning. We know how to clean leather without damaging its style and preserving its character. Trust Kona Cleaners with your leather.
Our craftsmen know how to clean painted leather without making it look like a cheap synthetic, and preserve the character of vintage hides without making them look battered. Of course, after we’ve done leather cleaning, we treat garments using natural oils to keep skins as soft and supple as the day they were sent out from the tannery.

Table Cloths & Bed Linens

Professional cleaning service isn’t just for clothes. We provide expert care for bedspreads, table cloths, and other fine household fabrics. Our professionals gently remove even the most stubborn dirt, whiten whites and brighten colors to make your entire home look beautiful. All household items will be carefully inspected, then cleaned according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Shoe Shine & Repair

Have your favorite pair of shoes become worn and torn? We can fix that! Bring your old shoes in for a cost-effective restoration rather than looking for new ones.
Quick shoe repair to keep you on your feet-pun intended! Don’t throw out your favorite pair just yet:
Place your worn and torn shoes into the bag alongside your garments, and we’ll take it from there.



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