Working Wardrobes

Kona Cleaners has partnered with Working Wardrobes, an Orange County Charity Organization, empowers men, women and young adults in crises to confidently enter the workforce through career development and wardrobe services.

Each year they serve over 5,000 clients from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, including Welfare-to-Work, alcohol & substance abuse, domestic violence, transitional homelessness, catastrophic illness and other life crises.


Think back to the fondest holiday memories from your childhood. The comforting presence of loved ones. A joyful feeling in the air. Perhaps a gift or two signalling that you were truly loved and cared about. Now imagine giving that feeling to someone who isn’t fortunate enough to have those things this holiday season. You have that power, and it’s easier than you think.

Kona Cares for Kids

Tell Kona Cleaners which local school you want to support and receive a 10% discount on your order. We’ll also donate 5% from your bill to your chosen school (school must be registered).

Military Uniforms

No matter what branch of service you are, no matter if you’re active, reserve, or retired, Kona Cleaners will clean your military uniforms for free, today and every day.